About ¡ACT!

¡ACT! Avance Communication & Translation has been founded in the year 2003 by Isabel Lama Dios with the idea in mind to offer the areas of communication, which belong together as a one stop shopping business service:
  • (Technical) Translations
  • Interpretation
  • Language training
Only through the integration of these services it is possible to offer an effective and professional support for business and private persons and companies for passing the borders of languages and cultures.  

About Isabel Lama Dios

I am Isabel Lama Dios, Spanish and grown up bilingual in Germany. My enthusiasm for intercultural work started already while being young and I started to engage in the German – Spanish community, working for the intercultural understanding. Therefore it was quite logical to combine this enthusiasm with my other strong interest in technology and to study technical translation for electrical and mechanical engineering with my languages Spanish, German and English. I have studied at the University of Hildesheim „Internationale Fachkommunikation“ and successfully graduated my diploma as technical translator. While being at the university I have worked already as freelance translator and did numerous translations in the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering for Spanish, English and German customers. Furthermore experience in the language I have gained, since I started in 1993 as teacher in adult education for Spanish and later for German.  I am teaching beginners and advanced at several private and public training institutions and companies. In the course of my professional career I have worked in several international projects for renowned companies as translator or language teacher or developed teaching material for large publishing houses.

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