You need a translation of product documentation or handbook? The marketing brochure of one of your business partners needs to be translated? You have received an email or a letter from abroad and need to understand it? I will translate them for you and in Spanish and English for you. I have  the language capabilities and know-how for the translation of the handbook, documentation or brochures. Furthermore I am preparing my customers to participate in international events. For international business companies, it is a must to have their website not only in the local language, but also in multiple foreign languages, so that foreign clients and business partners have the possibility to get all information about your company in their mother tongue. I take care of the translation of your website from German into Spanish and English and vice versa. I am specialized in technical translation  in Spanish, German and English of documents like:
  • Manuals and handbooks
  • Catalogues and marketing brochures
  • Websites
  • Press reports
  • Training material
Translation is teamwork:

For large projects and other languages, which are spoken in the countries, where you want to launch new products, I have a network of professional partners – all of them are long time experienced translators with university degrees in translation.

These translators and interpreters not only have an in depth knowledge of their languages, but also a technical and cultural background, for making tailored translations for the target market(s).

Text optimisation and proof reading of your texts and translations

Have you ordered a technical translation, but now you are not sure about the quality of the final text? Or do you have translated a text on your own and need to ensure its flawlessness? I would be happy to take over this task from you and to check it regarding the correctness of the language, the (inter)cultural context and the spelling.

My specialist fields:

  • Mechanical engineering:
    • Production engineering and assembly technology
    • Material science
    • Automation engineering
    • Measurement techniques
    • Process engineering
    • Maintenance technology
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Thermo dynamic
  • Electrical engineering
    • heavy current engineering
    • power engineering, (including new energies like solar power and wind power)
    • electrical drive engineering
    • communications technology
    • measurement and control technology
    • electronics
  • Wood engineering
    • Wood is a natural construction material, which is again (re-) gaining more importance in our living space.
    • Parquet- and laminate flooring
    • Interior fitting and interior construction
    • Exterior decking (wood and composites)
    • industrial wood processing (e.g. saw mills)
  • Tourism
    • Websites
    • Legal and transportation regulations (ABBs)
    • Marketing communication
    • Emergency communication
  • Localization
    • Software
    • Websites

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